About Us


About us

At Khmer-Engineerinjob.com, we focus only engineering jobs and providing high quality people of engineering fields with high quality jobs.

We provide a good connection between jobseekers with employers online, because we know that employers difficult to finding a staff of engineering field or a good candidate from university. And seekers also difficult to finding a good job like engineering fields. We believe that everyone should love what they do and we believe you should never give up or settle for less. There are always opportunities.


Job seekers

We hope to provide job seekers enjoy with us and easy to find engineering job only with Khmer-EngineeringJob.com, but also with the tools and knowledge to get these jobs. We believe that the way you present yourself and approach the job application process can make the difference. Please have a look at our Job Listing section to get started.



We also know that hiring people can be one of the most important and biggest challenges companies face. We try to make this web page and filter only engineering career for recruitment are easily select high qualified candidate. We are here to provide an affordable, usable platform filled with great candidates waiting for your call. See our sample job descriptions and recruiting tips to make use of our platform in the best possible way. Post your job now and receive your first applications today.